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When submitting writing to Tall And True writers can specify the age group, or Classifications, of the readers for whom their writing is suitable:

  -8     Early Readers - children less than 8 years old
  8+    Pre-Teen - 8 to 12 years old
 12+  Young Adult - 12 to 18 years old
 18+  Adult - 18 years and older

The classification is not based on government or educational authority guidelines. It is a simple self-assessment by the writer of the subject matter and structure of their writing.

The reader age classification appears on the first page of the writing. When a writer specifies multiple age groups, the youngest reader age will be displayed in the writing.

Share and showcase your fiction, nonfiction and reviews on Tall And True.

Please note: If you are concerned about the age classification of any writing on Tall And True, please Contact Us and we will review the content and its classification. 

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