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Ex Machina Movie

Ex Machina Movie

Over the summer holidays, I caught an ABC Science Show podcast, The Year in Tech. Science reporter, Ariel Bogle, discussed with her editor, Jonathan Webb, tech stories which had caught her eye in 2017. She opened with an audio clip from the Ex Machina movie that instantly spiked my interest.

Three Summers - Sydney Premiere Q&A

Three Summers by Ben Elton

Ben Elton set Three Summers at a fictional folk festival in the southwest of W.A., "Westifal". Over three consecutive summers, we meet an ensemble cast of characters, who bring to the festival campgrounds their individual stories and issues. Elton has described the film as "Australia in a tent".

Dyschronia by Jennifer Mills

Jennifer Mills sets Dyschronia in the run-down coastal town of Clapstone. Sam is twenty-five years old. The town views Sam as an oracle and depends upon her visions for their survival. And yet a great catastrophe has occurred: the sea has disappeared, seemingly taking with it Clapstone's last hope.

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