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Shira Fox and Jessie

Princess, Jessie and Me - A Journal

A new home for Princess

They agreed on a two-week trial and Jessie's mum came to back pick up Princess that afternoon. She left a deposit and didn't have to pay the rest for two weeks. She was told when to feed the kitten and where to put the litter tray. And then they were outside, the kitten in a carrier walking slowly home.

The kitten's new mum couldn't believe it she had actually done it. She had been thinking about a kitten for more than a year. But reading horror stories on Facebook, she knew kittens were hard work. But it was just luck that the calico, the little girl she had her eye on was still available and luck that she got on with Jessie.

On the way home, an old lady stopped them and with broken English said, 'My God, what is that? I want one! But so expensive, eh?'

'Yes, quite expensive,' said Princess's new mum. What had she got herself into?

When she opened the front door, Jessie came rushing jumping and barking and then noticed the cage. Jessie jumped up at it trying to get a good sniff and wagging her tail crazily — her world had now got a whole lot more exciting.

Jessie's mum opened the cage door and held Jessie back. The kitten looked around and scooted under the couch. She came out a couple of times that evening but always went straight back under the couch. Jessie had to be kept on a lead that first evening, she would overpower the kitten in excitement, she just wanted to rough and tumble.

The kitten was a little scared. Jessie loved her and was so excited every time the kitten moved. If anything she was a little too enthusiastic and the kitten hissed at her a couple of times. Her new mum noticed that even though Jessie was crazy for the kitten, she was very gentle and used a soft mouth to play with her. The kitten didn't scratch or bite Jessie or her mum and she was the gentlest natured little monkey.

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At 11 pm the pets' mum went to bed and took Jessie. Princess had gone to the toilet in her litter under the couch and gobbled up her dinner. Let's see if she comes out from under the couch. Sure enough, a couple of hours later, the kitten was flying around the house. She had been in a small kennel for the first months of life so the small apartment must have seemed like freedom.

Jessie jumped out of her sleep and chased Princess, they both smelt each other's mouths and bums and then the chase was on again. Mum collapsed in sleep with the sound of running paws in the background. Jessie cuddled into her mum later that night. At 4:30 am, there was a gentle tap-tap on her lips and nose and meowing and loud purring. She petted Princess for half another, and when her meowing didn't stop, she pulled herself out of bed.

'Here is your breakfast, Princess,' mum said. Jessie stayed in the warm bed until 7:30 am.

Princess gulped down her food and then jumped on her mum's lap and started purring, kneading the soft blanket.

'You are my lucky kitten, Princess.' After a long period of mourning her sick and then terminal father, this new life was a breath of fresh air. Dad would have loved her — he loved Jessie. She couldn't believe her dad wasn't there anymore and Princess suddenly was.

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